A holistic perspective fits my approach to life. By taking the view that our subjective self is constantly and powerfully evolving through the choices we make and the opportunities we create possibilities to live a life we love.

People like William Glasser MD; the Delai Lama; Louise Hays; Norman Vincent Peal; Ghandi; Deepak Chopra MD; Joanne Goulding and Milton Erikson have particularly inspired and influenced perspectives and approaches in therapy and also contributed to some of my held philosophies.

My eclectic approach comes from a repertoire of different theorists and assists in the dynamic journey with another.

  • Reality Therapy/Lead Management very much focuses on choices around thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It is about needs and wants relating to one’s quality world. It’s focus is about asking people “what is not working?” and ‘what can you do differently’. Glasser’s ideas are reflected in “Quality Schools” where Lead Management is about whether what we are doing brings us closer together or further apart. I really enjoy working with clients with this particular approach.
  • Rogerian style also underpins an approach of empathy and respecting uniqueness with unconditional positive regard whilst assisting a person and removing obstacles so that their normal growth and development can proceed. A person becomes more independent and self-directed. Personal meanings as experienced are reflected back to the person.
  • Erikson whilst studying medicine achieved a psychology degree and became interested in hypnosis training himself from ‘body memories’ to walk again. Having experienced chronic pain used self hypnosis to overcome it.
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy combined with Reality Therapy works well for : anxieting, Stressing (PTSD); obsessing; compuls-ing, experiencing phobia; anger-ing, diet-ing; lacking sleep-ing; relationship-ing; behave-ing.
  • Gestalt the philosopher found existential/experiential form of therapy where personal responsibility is emphasized provides the opportunity for the person to experience the present moment. It focuses also on the present moment; one’s environmental and social contexts as well as the self-regulating adjustments one makes in situations.
  • Ego state therapy by Gordon Emmerson facilitates emotional release and reframing events to a more positive focus by using the energies of the ego state into co-operative resolution.
  • Sleep Talk by Joanne Goulding for children is about being non-intrusive process to build self esteem and focus on positive changes toward healthy happy children and happy families. The parent and child relationship are part of the therapy process.

I am continuing to pursue greater understanding and knowledge in both sleep Talk, Ego State therapy and hypnotherapy approaches as well as completing Glasser’s Reality Therapy and Lead Management training.

The opportunity to complete Psychology and Counselling at University and Welfare at TAFE has been a great basis and grounding for supporting clients on their subjective journey. Additionally, having knowledge and education on the positive principals of talking into the positive, and tapping into the powerful knowing subconscious with language and communication that emphasises excellence and transformation through the principals of neuro-linguist programming has been fantastic in inspiring others.