As a counsellor, hypnotherapist and massage therapist it is a rewarding and great opportunity to walk with someone on their journey of possibilities.

I am continuing to pursue greater understanding and knowledge in both sleep Talk, Ego State therapy and hypnotherapy approaches as well as completing Glasser’s Reality Therapy and Lead Management training.

The opportunity to complete Psychology and Counselling at University and Welfare at TAFE has been a great basis and grounding for supporting clients on their subjective journey. Additionally, having knowledge and education on the positive principals of talking into the positive, and tapping into the powerful knowing subconscious with language and communication that emphasises excellence and transformation through the principals of neuro-linguist programming has been fantastic in inspiring others.

As well as counselling and hypnotherapy, I have also completed numerous massage course which range from ‘swedish relaxation’ through to Stress management and Trigger Point. All are valuable tools to assist the body’s challenges. Trigger point has been useful in relieving disabling pain like rye necks or repetitive strain.

As a community minded person from as far back as I can remember beginning first year of school it has been important that people are given best options and treated with respect and fairly.

Although I chose marriage, the desire to be a missionary was always a part of my thinking. Other opportunities arose in communities to participate in.

  • Working as a volunteer telephone counsellor is my contribution to the community.
  • During leadership in Scouting, across all ages, as well as mentoring adult leaders gave exposure to wonderful energies, skills and creativity of both youth and adults. I learned, had great satisfaction and received a great deal back.
  • Travelling overseas to Europe, England, Asia, Africa and some Eastern countries as well as living in Britain and Sweden (learning the language) has expanded my awareness and understanding of the diversities and contributions different cultures make to the world. Having the privilege of working with and supporting children in Nepal was wonderful.

After completing year 8 at school, as life would have it, I managed to grow and expand by completing Welfare training at TAFE, Psychology and Counselling at University. These quite amazing achievements has cemented my belief in other’s ability to create the type of life they love and to pursue and achieve their goals. I love learning and expanding and experiencing life.

Experience working with youth and families at risk and Domestic Violence and those emotionally (anxiety-ing, depress-ing, addict-ing; stress-ing; and survivors of abuse; etc) has also expanded my understanding and appreciation of people’s challenges, needs and wants.

Another great interest I have is in the metaphysics or quantum physics and the connection we all have with each other and the environment/universe.

Last, I believe we all have positive things to contribute effectively and that we are full of possibilities and that any setbacks are reminders that we are travelling and not stagnating.

Cheers! And here’s to a life of possibilities and choosing a life we love.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Waddell
Dip soc Welfare; Dip Hypnotherapy; Grad Dip counselling; BA Psych;